Preface: What did I get myself into?

So, I decided to start a blog. Why? Maybe because I need a hobby. I get embarrassed when people ask me what my hobbies are and I tell them, "Uh, Facebook?" If that doesn't scream loser.
Is Facebook bad? No. I love it. I am an addict. It is my crack.  I am the one who checks my page every 15 seconds to see what new post has been posted because heaven forbid I miss what someone is having for dinner or how much their baby's diaper get what I am saying, but again, I must admit, I am addicted! Or maybe it's because I have ADD, who knows.
Any who, I figured that a blog would give me something to do. You know, I can't express myself in just 240 characters or less, and trust me, I have a lot of expressing to do.
So why my name?
I love the Marine Corps and I am proud that I served. Best time of my life! It's a funny story on how I joined. Here is some history of me prior to enlistment. I was lazy when it came to exercising. Seriously, in gym, I found every excuse in the book NOT to run. My gym teacher must have thought I was on my period for a whole month! I signed up for the track team and complained when we had to run laps. Remember Private Benjamin? Yeah, that was me, minus the money.
My senior year of high school was tough for me. My boyfriend of two years broke my little naive heart by telling me that he no longer wanted me. I seriously think that he was just cheap and didn't want to buy me a Christmas present, but to this day, he says that it was because I was too young (wasn't a big deal when we were dating though). Seriously, I am not bitter. He's married now, has two kids (Hi, Ryan!) and I think he cleans the city streets or something like that (hey, maybe that's why it took forever for my street to get plowed...interesting). Sorry, ADD kicking in. Well, since he broke my heart, I thought my life was over with, so I didn't apply to any colleges. Instead, I figured my life of being Ryan's potential barefoot and pregnant wife was torn to shreds, why should I apply myself (remember, I said I was naive, so feel sorry for me
I decided that summer after being dumped that maybe I should do something with my life. So I went to the recruiting station to see if I could join the military to get my Pharmacy Degree (yep, a girl who suffers from dyslexia, has the attention span of a peanut and still doesn't know how many milliliters are in a teaspoon, wanted to be a pharmacist). Well, I guess my laziness radiated from my body.
The Navy recruiter rolled his eyes at me, I walked by the Army and just said, "I am not that desperate" and I couldn't find an Air Force recruiter. Bummer. I felt rejected. Then as I walk out of the office with zero confidence, a short man jumps out of the door. Here I was thinking that I was getting attacked in the Recruiter's office, but it turned out to be a US Marine recruiter.
United States Marine Corps. Had no clue what it was. For what seemed like an eternity, this man talked so proudly about the Corps. It was like listening to a Mormon when you accidentally answer the door (no offense, Mormon readers). You listen to them because you feel bad that they are riding bikes in 110 degree weather, but you don't have the heart to tell them, "Not interested, I am Catholic." At the end of his "commercial", he asked me, "On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate the Marine Corps?" After 45 minutes, all I could ask was, "Don't you guys collect toys at Christmas? Aren't you like the Salvation Army?" Yeah, epic fail. The look on his face was like watching a man talk to a crackhead. I then giggled and told him, "Nah, man, I am kidding. Um, 10!" (I wasn't kidding though. I honestly thought the Marine Corps was just a toy collecting gig). He took my info down (not once did I ever think to give a bogus number out, but hey, I was single and just happy for a man to ask for my number) and he called me everyday. On about the 5th day of calling, I looked at the Caller ID, saw "United States Government", picked up the phone, and said, "Fine, I will enlist. Give me 10 minutes and I will be there." See, naive. That should have been my first name.
The Marine Corps was the best 5-1/2 years of my life and I miss it everyday, and with all my heart, I believe that "Marine Chicks Rule."


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