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Chapter 41: 15th Anniversary of stepping on those horrid yellow footprints

Chapter 40: Stick Shift

Chapter 39: Straight Clubbin'

Chapter 38: Flying in a PHROG

Chapter 37: Harassment

Chapter 36: Man, I wish I knew how to spit shine boots

Chapter 35: One mile, no sweat, Two miles, better yet, Three miles, oh no, Four miles, Ah hell, just shoot me


Chapter 34: All good things come to an end...again

Chapter 33: Murphy, you suck

Chapter 32: Mommymarinehood

Chapter 31: Moving targets

Chapter 30: Shock and awe

Chapter 29: Getting claimed

Chapter 28: Use caution when entering

Chapter 27: 1st CivDiv

Chapter 26: Sentimental times...blah, blah, blah.

Chapter 25: The day the music died

Chapter 24: Who lets go of the rope while fast roping?

Chapter 23: Getting leid

Chapter 22: Expecting and not really Instructing

Chapter 21: The Few. The Annoying. The Reservists.

Chapter 20: Remember Mom, you cut that umbilical cord

Chapter 19: So long Jacksonville...

Chapter 18: Integrity. Not everyone has it

Chapter 17: The infiltration of foam