Chapter 10: Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.

Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.  Luckily, this is not difficult. I was challenged quite often, but I did whatever it took to prove to others that I could hold my own. If I didn't feel well, I didn't whine about it. If complained about being in pain, I was truly in pain. If I felt stressed, I didn't complain that I had too much to do. If someone made comments to me, I held my own. I had to prove that no man was ever going to get me down.
I worked with a guy who thought he was "Master Admin". Secretly, I made fun of him and his girlystache. He hated it when I received some type of recognition. He didn't feel "girls" belonged in the Marine Corps. When I got promoted to Lance Corporal first, he was mad because I outranked him. When I received a Meritorious Mast and he received only a Letter of Appreciation, he got mad. When I got higher pro/con marks than he did, he got mad. When I was Marine of the Quarter and he was nothing, he got mad. Hell, he got mad simply because I got to sit down to pee and he didn't. No matter what I did, it made him mad.
I loved irritating this man. He thought that his snide remarks would make me mad, but instead, my comebacks burned his ego. Oh how Girlystache hated me. He wasn't the only one.
I knew my job really well and I was one of those Admin chicks - either I liked you or I didn't. Evidently I intimidated quite a few people in my unit as they were afraid to talk to me. If they needed something done, they had to sic their Gunny on me, or they would come up and try to butter me up with compliments. Yeah, that wasn't going to work. If I liked you, I happily gave you basket leave; if I didn't like you, I kinda messed up your pay or lost your PAR.  Eventually they would learn. Admin chicks ruled and we always seemed to get our way. All of us.
I was the person who loved to prove people wrong, which may be why Girlystache didn't like me that much. When ever he thought he was right, I proved him dead wrong. He hated me so much he transferred to another unit. He should learn, never mess with a professional bitch. Good bye, Sucka. Remember who defeated you!
There were times when I failed and people were waiting to watch me to do it, but I recovered and made the experience a learning moment. The career planner didn't exactly like me. It's amazing how I watched his kids all the time, yet he would come into work on Monday and tell me how women are a waste of boat spaces and that he hated seeing women ruining his Marine Corps. Didn't realize it was his Marine Corps. If I had a first class PFT, he said I cheated; if I received recognition, he said it was because people felt sorry for me. When I shot expert, he told me that someone must have given me great pit service. For some reason, he was hung up on making me look bad. But I let it roll off my shoulders. Wasn't going to let him get me down. By this time, I had been on active duty for a couple of years, so I was used to it. What is pretty sad is that this had become my norm. What really set him over the edge was when I won Marine of the Quarter. When he heard about my achievement, I overhead him talking to the Sergeant Major, asking him how this happened. SgtMaj told him, "She looked better in uniform, had higher scores, knew her knowledge, and carried herself well." I just happened to grab the SgtMaj's attention when they were discussing me. Next think I know, SSgt Career Jammer had to personally congratulate me. Oh the look on his face...priceless.  Men: Here is the lesson that you should pay attention to. We always win...


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