Chapter 17: The infiltration of foam

Living in the barracks had its positives and the negatives: Positives: Didn't have to pay for rent or utilities, the laundry mat was free (but sucked), saved on gas, and you didn't have to mow the lawn. Okay, so many positives but plenty of negatives. Field Day, police calling the common areas every morning, everybody up in your business, lots of rules, lack of hot water, bad get where I am going with this. But what sucked the most was that us "barracks brats" were always on call.
One Saturday, for some odd reason, I was actually home at the barracks, on a Saturday. I was passed out from the prior nights activities when someone was pounding on my door. I knew that I wasn't expecting anyone, so I just ignored the knock. Then the person knocked harder and yelled, "I know you are in there. I see your car." Still ignored him. He eventually left so I got up. Sly little turkey didn't leave. He was watching my blinds for movement. Busted. He knocked on the door insisting that I answer. Half dead, I go to my door, hair is total chaos and the look of death was on my face. "What!" That's all I could say to him. "There is a mandatory of all barracks Marines. All us are to report to the 204 hangar in 15 minutes, dressed in full cammies." In the most smug voice I responded, "I am not on a duty section, so thanks for waking me up." As I began to shut the door in his face, he pushed back on the door, and told me, "I don't care what you think you are. You will be there in 10 minutes ready to go." That's when I knew he was serious.
Pissed off at the world, I did as he said. I didn't have time to shower, so I threw on Thursday's dirty cammies, threw my hair in a bun, brushed my teeth and was on my way. I so hungry and thirsty that my sides started to hurt. This should be fun.
I had no idea what to expect as I drove up the hangar. All of a sudden, I saw bubbles everywhere. I looked at the hangar and it was completely covered in foam. Foam was everywhere. It was a like a giant washing machine exploded. I had no idea what it was or what to do! The fire alarm went off (Although rumor has it a fellow Marine pulled the alarm) and the foam poured all over the aircraft. Since I was in admin, I had no idea as to what the damage would be to the aircraft, but all I know is that we had to hurry up and clean it up.
Walking wings after a night of drinking, on a very hot day was not my idea of a fun Saturday morning. The more I had to walk those wings, the more dehydrated I became. Next thing I knew, I saw hoses of glorious water pouring out of them. After we all drenched ourselves in the water, us "non-aircraft" people began to drink water. About 15 minutes went by before someone told us that the water was recycled water and the foam was mixed into it. At that time, I instantly felt my teeth start to rot. Worst experience ever.
By noon, I was close to passing out. I didn't bring any money with me to get anything to drink so I was just dying. Some of the officers started coming in to access the situation. They must have felt sorry for us poor "enlisted" people, so they bought us pizza and pop. I just wanted my damn Saturday back. Forget about pizza. I think I was bitter the weekend because of that whole event.
I always hated how the single people got stuck doing this stuff. We always duty on the holidays, had to report in when we weren't on duty section. There was so much discrimination simply because we didn't have a ring on our finger. Granted, single life was great, so it was a small consolation I suppose. But I will never forget the day that foam ruined my stupid Saturday.


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