Chapter 28: Use caution when entering

Leaving my family was the hardest moment that I have ever endured. It's different when you are a mother. The bond that you have with your child is one that can't be severed, but distance literally stabs you in the heart. Getting into my car and driving to the unknown, was mentally draining. For the first few hours of the trip, I didn't speak unless necessary. I had a huge knot in my stomach. Tears would well up when I would look at the picture of my boys that was carefully placed onto my dashboard. I missed them already.
At least for this trip, I wasn't by myself. My sister traveled with me, and I was so glad that she did. We had a great time once I got over my separation anxiety. We had a great time in Denver, driving through the crazy, snow-capped mountains of Vail and Breckenridge, hamming it up in Vegas, driving down those crazy freeways in California, and laughing hysterically at the "Cuidado" along the 5 highway (Note: The Cuidado sign is the most politically incorrect sign that depicts illegals crossing highways. Wrong, but funny). By the time we reached San Diego, we were having the time of our lives!
While pulling onto the air station, I remember from entering the base at Camp LeJeune, that if you didn't have a decal on your car, you immediately pulled over to the side of the gate,  and went to Pass and ID for a temp pass. Okay, well that was in 1999 and not in 2003.
So, as I was laughing with my sister, I turned immediately to the right of the guards and parked my car. I was fumbling through my glove compartment for my registration and insurance. Movement caught my eye in my rear-side mirror. I saw numerous MP's heading my way, but I assumed they were looking for someone else. All of sudden, two MP's had their guns drawn on us as another MP took his night stick and tapped on the glass of my window.  I rolled down the window, completely terrified. "Ma'am, why did you bypass the gate? Did you not notice the Threat Con level posted and the sign that says all visitors proceed through the gate?" Honestly, I didn't notice them.  Laughing and base entering...not my best idea.
MCAS Miramar was an experience. I checked in late on Friday, so I was given the weekend to do whatever I wanted. But on Monday, my biggest surprise was waiting for me. I would find out then why I was recalled. My fate will be made known. Let's just say, I didn't sleep well Sunday night.
Monday arrived and I surrendered my heart back into the Marine Corps. When I checked in, I recognized a husband and wife team that were stationed at the CONAD when I was on I&I Duty. Let's just say, I wasn't their favorite person. I whined to my Colonel about how slow the CONAD was and that it would be more efficient for me to run our own entries. After many meetings, my I&I got my record books back. Fast forward to present time of this story, and these two Marines still hated me.
When he announced my name, I could hear the hesitation in his voice. He looked up at me and said, "You. I never that I would see you again?" Likewise. Then in a matter of seconds, he rambled on about how horrible I was and how dare I stir the pot about the CONAD, etc. I know, boring, and I think he saw that I was bored when he was trying to counsel me. "Are you finished?", I chuckled. Yeah, that wasn't a smart thing to say. So I allowed him to chastise me in front of a group of Marines. I kept the smirk on my face.  It was a good day.
After his attempt of public embarrassment, he gave me orders. I assumed I was staying at Miramar, so I was shocked when I received orders to MCAS Yuma, AZ. Must say, there was a sigh of relief. This meant that I wasn't going overseas, which was a huge relief. But I was also going to Yuma. What the hell is in Yuma?


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