Chapter 32: Mommymarinehood

I was in Yuma for about a month when my parents called me to tell me that my youngest was still sick. When I left him, he had been hospitalized the prior to me leaving due to RSV. He was on breathing treatments 24/7, and my husband couldn't keep up with the kids, working, the house, etc. In other words, he needed momma back.
I talked to the Provost Marshall and asked him if he felt that I was needed. To this point, they still didn't have a purpose for us recalled Marines. He said that he thinks it would be best for me to go home, so he makes some calls to get me transferred home due to hardship. Within a week, a request was sent up to Headquarters Marine Corps to have me sent back home to help my family out.
It was a hard decision to make. I loved my family. I missed them terribly, but I felt that I was meant to be in Yuma. I signed a contract, so I felt that I let the Marine Corps down.  It was like a divorce and not knowing which parent to go with. I knew my family needed me, so I packed up my items and made the long haul home.
The drive home was a long one. I was pulled over a couple of times at random check points to make sure that I wasn't harvesting illegals. You would think the military plates and decal on the windshield would be a given that I was not harvesting illegals. But, I complied. Driving home was long, boring, and seemed to take forever. I looked down at the picture of my boys on my dash. "Momma's almost home, boys."
I would think about home as I drove. The miles turned into hours as I inched closer to home. I pulled over in Texas for the night. The excitement of knowing that I would hold my children the following day kept me up all night. I woke the following morning and I couldn't get the smile off of my face. As I passed through Oklahoma City, I knew my journey was nearing its end. Once I hit the suburbs of Kansas City, tears fell down my cheek and I could feel the weight of my boys in my arms. I imagined their kisses, their hugs, their laughter, the touch of their skin. I knew any moment, it would be my reality.
I pulled up to my parents house and almost forgot to put my car into park. I dashed up the front steps to find my son in exersaucer in the living room. He had rocked himself asleep and didn't realize that he was now in my arms. I cradled him in my arms, kissed his forehead and stroked the hair on his head. I never knew how much I loved my son until I held him again. Within minutes, I kissed my parents and told them that I would be back, that I have one more son who needed his mommy.
I drove to the daycare center to pick up my oldest. It was nap time, so when I entered, all was quiet. I walked to his room and there he was lying on his mat, fast asleep. I couldn't wait one more minute. I had to hold him. I swooped him up and held him ever so tightly against my chest and held him as if someone was trying to take him away from me. He woke up, looked at me, and fell back asleep. Then he jerked back, looked into my eyes and said, "Mommy!" He smiled, hugged me ever so tightly, and fell back to sleep. I sat in the rocking chair and wept. Mommy will never leave you again.
Watching men and women go overseas and leaving their families behind touches my heart every time I see it. I know how it feels to leave a child behind, a spouse, parents and your life. It takes true dedication to be a United States Marine...and a mother.


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