So I ended my blog about four months ago and ever since then, I have missed writing it. Writing this blog was a way for me to remember some of the best years of my life. After I was discharged from the Marine Corps, I was in family mode and career mode. I barely spoke of my time in the military because I honestly didn't believe that it was relevant. I did my 5+ years and was discharged honorably. Was I proud of what I did? Yes, but I didn't think others cared about my experiences, so I never took the time to appreciate my experiences. I believe I took for granted the experiences that the Marine Corps provided to me.
Through Facebook, I have been able to reconnect with many of my Marine friends, former co-workers, barracks buddies and people who just served. Since we hadn't spoken to each other for almost a decade, we had to start off where we left off, which was talking about the experiences that we shared together. Whether it was the time that I side swiped a car in the Chow Hall parking lot and broke down in tears because it turned out to my Commanding Officer's car or talking about the time we failed a Field Day inspection because our shower wall was too oily (ah, how baby oil makes barracks' shower walls look really shiny). Just retelling these stories with one another made me realize something...this is my family. My Marine Corps family. And what saddened me was that I had abandoned them for almost a whole decade of my life. Luckily, they were forgiving, and somewhat guilty themselves.
If it weren't for my friends inspiring me to retell our stories, this blog never would have come to be. I wouldn't have rekindled the friendships that I left behind as a distant memory or flown to both sides of the country to visit those friends who truly meant the world to me.
Yesterday, I attended Marine Week in St Louis. I have never walked with so much pride as I did yesterday. With my black bedazzled USMC tee shirt, I strutted around the area with 110% pride. I was proud to be a United States Marine. I reflected on everything that I had accomplished. When I watched the MAGTF demonstration, I teared up with pride...this is still my United States Marine Corps. As I watch Lance Corporals mingling with the guests, and explaining with pride and confidence about what they do, or how a weapon works, I gleamed with pure appreciation. They walked with their shoulders back and cared about their appearance. I am sorry, no other branch of service is like this. I did see some Army soldiers wandering around and looked sloppy. Not my Marines. They looked squared away, just like how I left them in 2003.
I love the Marine Corps and everything that the Corps represents. Because of this, I am going to restart my blog and add more stories, because I know there are more to tell. This time, I am going to make it more personal. This time, I am going to discuss my struggles that I went through and how these struggles made me a strong person and who I am today. I will tell those stories that I have recently shared with those who created those memories with me. I am excited about this and hope my readers will enjoy them.


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